3 BIG Reasons to Practice Anti-Aging Skin Care With Natural Products

Have you made the switch over to practicing skin care with natural products yet? If not, then now is a better time than EVER to do so. This article will give you 5 BIG reasons to practice all natural skin care and explain how you can have more healthy and youthful-looking skin.

REASON #1. More and more creams and lotions these days are being made with ingredients that have NO BUSINESS being applied to the skin.

Simply put, there is a very good chance that at least one of the skin care products you use contains ingredients that cause more HARM to your skin than they actually help it. It's just the nature of the skin care industry today. Most companies want to keep their productions costs low, and they want to create products that come with a low price tag. To do this, they cannot use the same potent and all-natural ingredients that other companies are using.

As a result, they choose to use substances like mineral oils and paraffin wax as moisturizers instead of all-natural ones like jojoba oil, shea butter, or babassu wax. And unfortunately, these cheaper ingredients have been shown to clog the pores, interfere with toxin elimination in the skin, strip away it's natural oils, and even cause premature aging!

REASON #2. Practicing skin care with natural products means benefiting from all of the great health-giving properties than all-natural ingredients offer the skin.

There's simply no question that all-natural ingredients provide the skin with WAY more health-giving benefits for the skin. Not only do they contain better skin-nourishing properties, but they are also very easily accepted by the skin. This is because the makeup of these ingredients are very similar to that of the moisturizers and oils produced by your own skin. Since they have such similar makeups, all-natural substances make very compatible skin care ingredients.

REASON #3. When all-natural ingredients are used together, their benefits for the skin tend to multiply.

Another great reason to make the switch to practicing skin care with natural products is the fact that their benefits multiply when being used together. Organic and all-natural ingredients tend to work in synergy together to produce even more health-giving properties. And unlike many synthetic ingredients, harmful byproducts are never produced when using natural ingredients in the same product.