100 Percent Natural Products - Not Always a Good Thing

It is in our nature, as humans to seek out products and services that will improve our physical and mental health. We all see the advertisements for products claiming to be 100 percent natural. We automatically assume the word "natural" means healthy and beneficial. Marketing specialists know that consumers are less likely to question the safety of "natural" products. Therefore, it is important to understand that "natural" is not necessarily safe.

FDA and Dietary Supplements

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not regulate and oversee the production and distribution of dietary supplements and prescription medication equally. Dietary supplements and food fall into the same category. Manufacturers are not compelled to list contraindications on the labels. As long as they list the ingredients, they fall within the FDA guidelines.


Too many people think that 100 percent natural is safe. For example; arsenic, mercury, lead, oleander and tomato vines are all toxic. Yet, they are 100 percent naturally occurring substances. However, it is doubtful that anyone would take these as a daily dietary supplement.

The point is that natural products can be harmful. They can also be non-beneficial. Echinacea, the purple coneflower is known to have antibiotic properties, but when taken as a daily supplement, it is not effective. Just like prescription antibiotics, if taken on a regular basis, the body becomes immune to their infection fighting properties.

Do your Research

Some herbs do react with other herbs or prescription medication. Additionally, ingesting too much of some herbs may create health problems. Always talk to your doctor and do your research before reaching for the 100 percent natural products.

All Natural Products - Should We Use Them?

 Practical or Not?

The environment is a hot topic these days. You see and hear the 'Green" word on television, radio,  and news papers, it's everywhere. When you actually stop to think about it, using all natural products makes sense. Why not, if it benefits us and the environment, sure I would use them. But the key issue is whether or not it's practical.

When you shop, what are the most important factors in your buying decision? Two things come to mind; time and cost. First, which store is the most convenient that supplies the products you want. And second, among the product choices, which one has the best price based on quality.

The answer is obvious; most of the products available to us in a convenient location are not all-natural or earth friendly. Additionally, when all-natural products are available the cost  can be higher. However, the availability of these products has improved a great deal and the internet provides a convenient method by which we can shop. As long as demand increases, we can all look forward to more all-natural choices at a lower cost.

What's the Benefit?

Health and the environment.

It's pretty simple to see that one effects the other. If we choose organic food, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, then we are decreasing the poisons we ingest and provide ourselves a healthier diet. This allows our bodies to fight off decease more readily.

If we choose products that are earth friendly and decrease our demand for products which harm our environment. Gradually, we will decrease the pollutants in the atmosphere, the ground, and the water. So, as our environmental conditions improve,  then it follows that our health will benefit as well.

To Summarize:

Today, it may not be completely practical to use all-natural products, however, with an increased public awareness leading to an increasing demand, we will see greater varieties at a lower cost.   Additionally, with the growth of internet shopping, these products will become more convenient to purchase. If we buy and use products which are not harmful to ourselves and the environment, then our generation and future generations will benefit from a cleaner environment.

Why Choose Natural Products and How to Ascertain Picking the Best One Out?

I have seen a lot of many people following the trend of using natural products but without understanding why they are so strongly recommended by skin care experts and practitioners.

Here is some information about natural products which can help you understand why one should choose them. The information on how to ensure that you are choosing the right natural product is also detailed later in this article.

So, let's get started by understanding why natural products should be chosen in the first place.

1. These products being comprised of natural substances only, are absolutely safe to be used. They are free from all types of side effects which is a common problem with their chemical counterparts which solve one skin condition while developing multiple others as side effects.

2. These products are effective because they work from the innermost layer of the skin. They do not focus on hiding the signs of skin problems; rather their focus is to eliminate the root cause of the skin condition and hence they provide the most effective results.

3. Since they work by eliminating the undying cause of the skin problem, the results are not only effective but are permanent too.

4. The natural substances used in these products have more than one benefit to offer to the skin's health. As a result, not only do they solve the specific skin problem but enhance the overall health of the skin too.

This is why a natural skin care product is markedly superior to its chemical counterpart. Now, the next question is how to ensure you are choosing the right one out?

You can ascertain this by checking the list of ingredients that the natural product has. Make sure it has the known and proven natural substances like-

- Cynergy TK(TM) - for a smooth and wrinkle free skin

- Phytessence Wakame - for a spot free, smooth and damage free healthy skin

- Active Manuka Honey - for a well nourished, well hydrated and a naturally healthy and strong skin.

These and other like ingredients are what determine how powerful the product is. The natural products containing these or other similarly powered substances are by far the most easy, effective and proven way to get a young, beautiful and healthy skin.

Now that you are armed with this information, put it to the test right away. Start your quest for efficient natural products and find the best one out. After all this is the least that you can do for your precious and special skin, right?

Anti Aging Care and Natural Products - Skin Care Benefits When Using Natural Products

Anti aging care and natural products skin care is important among individual. A lot of people are now conscious about skin aging. Many are spending hundreds and even millions of money in purchasing products just to reduce the skin aging.

Many of us have used chemically prescription drugs, creams and lotion to care for our skin. Often these chemical substances have side effects, which is harmful to the body. The human body is designed by nature to absorb substance that is natural. When unnatural substance enters our body, the body interprets it as an invader. The body reacts to the chemical that may lead to allergies and irritation.

Fortunately, natural product skin care that is made from natural substance are easily absorb by the body and use it to repair, build and sustain it. Natural and organic substance are recognized by our skin, internally and externally as ingredient for use in repairing, building and sustaining it self.

There are many natural anti aging skin care products we can use on the surface of our skin. All items contain minerals, vitamins, amino acids, anti oxidants, aromas and essential fatty acids from nature that our skin recognizes for use. Products such as lotion and ointments help our skin to maintain texture, healthy tone, and aroma and to repair injury, breath properly, discard waste, build new skin cells and improve our appearance.

Aside from using natural anti aging skin care products; it is best to have a proper diet and hygiene. Eating fruits and vegetables contains vitamins and anti oxidant that provides nourishment, cell growth and renewal. Another important fact is hygiene. Wash and clean your skin everyday with mild soap or facial wash. The skin is the most sensitive organ of the body that is always expose to dirt and pollutants.

Remember it is still best to consult your doctor before trying any anti aging product. The doctors will give you advice and medication that is best for your skin.

Anti aging care, natural product skin care products are the best ways to reduced skin aging in a safest way.

A Consumer's Guide on Purchasing All-Natural Products For Skin Care

When you use all-natural or 100 percent natural products for skin care, there are numerous benefits that you will find you will enjoy. You are surely aware that many of the skin products available in the drugstores contain high amounts of chemicals. Though they claim their products is natural on their advertisements and commercials, you might be surprised if you take the time to actually check out the list of ingredients; probably not actually the all natural product you had in mind.

For skin care product consumers, it is very important to refrain from using chemical-containing products. These chemicals are more likely to cause more damage your skin. Consider the fact that products that are further off the scale from all natural, are most likely to cause a reaction. If you prefer a much safer and healthier way to take care of your skin, then the 100 percent or all natural products just might do the job for you.

You can easily identify if a product is 100 percent natural; just by looking at its packaging and list of ingredients. You have to take the time to read the ingredient list and not just fall for the sales pitch. Remember, the marketing department is meant to sale you the product. So make an informed decision, not one based on emotion or some slick sales pitch.

A couple of common all-natural products for skin care include oatmeal and aloe vera. Oatmeal is found in many products and serves as a rejuvenating ingredient and is a great mask material for pore cleansing. Aloe helps sooth and repair your skin. Both are calming and feel scrumptious on your skin.

So don't despair if your skin isn't feeling the best, consider taking the time to do your research and make the switch to all natural products. These products can really make a difference in calming and soothing your skin. Less chemicals and more natural are best for you!

Isagenix "Greens," An Exceptional Health Natural Product

The Isagenix health natural products are exceptional for ones health and are no compromise health natural products. The "Greens" are one of my favorites.

The "Greens" have over 30 of the most nutritiously dense veggies in just one serving. For me, this is outstanding because I have a struggle many days to get all the veggies I need into my body. When I am traveling the Greens come with me, I put them in my water bottle or in my Isaleans shake each morning.

The health natural products of Isagenix "Greens" have been carefully processed to keep all the nutrition in them. I find that quite remarkable, it is leading edge technology for sure. When I do my shopping at my local market, I know that many of the veggies have been picked before they are ripened. This is necessary because they have to travel long distances often and they would be rotten already if they had been picked ripe. When veggies are picked before ripening the mineral content has been compromised. As well, if your veggies have been sprayed with chemicals as most have, then for sure the minerals have been destabilized.

Isagenix is remarkable in their creation of the "Greens" because all of the minerals are intact. Minerals are KEY to optimum health and wellness. Most of our soils are devoid of minerals which is why there are so many people with so many illnesses now. There are no artificial flavours or ingredients in the health natural product, Isagenix "Greens."

Some of the health benefits are antioxidant, mental focus and clarity, improved digestion, support of health bacteria, digestive fiber to boost cleansing and stronger immune system.

The veggies included in the "Greens" are Pineapple juice (Ananas comosus), Alfalfa sprout (Medicago sativa), Carrot root (Daucus carota), Spirulina (Spirulina platensis), Chia seed (Salvia hispanica), Barley grass & juice (Hordeum vulgare), Ionic Alfalfa(TM), Wheat grass (Triticum aestivum), Chlorella (Chlorellavulgaris), Cinnamon bark (Cinnamomum verum), Parsley (Petroselinum crispum), Green Tea leaf (Camellia sinensis),Red Clover flower (Trifolium pretense), astaxanthin, Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceus), Suma root (Pfaffi a paniculata), Papaya fruit (Carica papaya), Ginkgo biloba leaf, Dulse (Palmaria palmate), Eleutherococcus senticosus root, Dandelion root (Taraxacum offi cinale), Maitake (Grifola frondosa), Shiitake (Lentinula edodes), Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis), Grape seed extract (Vitis vinifera), flower pollen, Milk Thistle seed extract (Silybum marianum), Tomato fruit (Solanum lycopersicum), Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum), Red Beet root (Beta vulgaris), Bilberry berry extract (Vaccinium myrtillus), Turnip root (Brassica rapa), Bamboo shoot (Bambusa vulgaris), alpha lipoic acid, chlorophyll (Sodium chlorophyllin), Coenzyme Q-10, Brussels sprout (Brassica oleracea), Broccoli floret (B. oleracea) and Kale leaf (B. oleracea).

Amazing, to have all of these vegetables in one scoop. For me, being a very busy person, this is a time saver and a relief from worry about my nutrient content each day. I just know I am getting all of the nutrients that I need.

The cost is about $1.00 per/day for all these veggies. I always put my scoop in my Isalean Shake. This health natural product is outstanding, remarkable value for what we receive.

Isagenix International also has a natural health college as part of its commitment to education of people. You can access information on the website that is given to you, once you order any products and they have gatherings in a meeting style for people to come together to learn of new products. Nutrition is a relatively new field of learning and Isagenix has made it mark in the evolution of this industry in a powerful way.

The renowned scientist, John Anderson, heads the formulation of the Isagenix product line. John is one of the top leaders in this industry. He is lovingly known as "the mineral man" because he understands the importance of minerals being added to nutritional health natural products.

Easy Natural Products That Combat Acne - How to Get Rid of Acne Techniques

Before you go overboard buying so-called natural products that combat acne, you really should try to define well what a natural product should consist of beforehand. Most people do not realize that natural products have to be used correctly since they can cause adverse reactions when combined with medications or other natural remedies.

I personally feel that products that are just an alteration of diet, or herbs that tend to clean out your internal organs are the best types of acne care products that can be used. When you are trying out products that are available over-the-counter, such as benzoyl peroxide, you may be playing with fire. Also, there are a few products the combat acne that are designer foods that contain strange quantities of preservatives that might help with acne control, but perhaps are not so good for you health-wise in general.

Another category of natural products that combats acne is that of your typical skin cream care products. I feel that this option is another relatively safe way to deal with acne non-medically since they are available at your local pharmacy and they are not something that you have to consume orally. Nevertheless, it is best to combine an acne skin care cream along with a healthy eating regiment at the same time.

If you are unsuccessful in getting rid of your blemishes and pimples on your own, there is a chance that a dermatologist will be able to help you with your acne problem. Attempting to find an acne solution on your own is OK also, just make sure that follow the directions that are included with the product that you have decided to try out.

Don't Buy Anti Aging Natural Products Unless They Meet These Criteria

There's no question that anti aging natural products work better than cheap products that contain synthetic ingredients and byproducts from different industries. But all anti aging natural products are still not created equal. Get creams or lotions that meet these guidelines and you'll be on the fast road to smoother and more youthful skin.

CRITERIA #1. The best anti aging natural products will contain POTENT ingredients in EFFECTIVE amounts.

I learned this the hard way. Just because a product is made with all-natural ingredients does not necessarily mean it will be effective. It can even contain all the best ingredients known to man and it is still not guaranteed to work.

In order to be truly effective, anti-wrinkle creams and lotions need to contain HIGH CONCENTRATIONS of key ingredients. Some companies will only include minimal amounts of certain ingredients just to add it to the label, so be careful when choosing the products you are going to use.

CRITERIA #2. The company that makes anti aging natural products should have them thoroughly tested to determine their effectiveness.

Think of it this way: In order to really understand how effective a product is, doesn't a company need to conduct clinical trials with it first? If there is no testing being done, then how can they really know that it's effective? It's also smart to check and see if a company both tests their products internally and through a third-party in order to guarantee the results are legitimate.

CRITERIA #3. Anti aging natural products should contain ingredients that address the three major causes of skin aging signs.

This is probably the most important criteria of them all. Without addressing the major causes of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, there's no way that you can have smoother and more youthful skin. The three most important causes anti aging natural products should target are:

*The loss of firmness and elasticity due to a decrease in collagen and elastin protein.

*Free radical damage caused by UV radiation, poor nutrition, pollution, and other sources of oxidative stress.

*Decreased moisture retention due to diminishing hyaluronic acid levels.

Anti Aging Natural Products - Essential Facts You Need to Know Before You Buy Anything

Anti aging natural products can easily be bought online. They are much safer than the chemical based skin care products. I have recently started using products that contain only natural ingredients as they do not have any side effects on my skin.

Chemical based beauty products can in the long run cause many skin problems like patchiness, excessive dryness, wrinkles and age spots. In some cases, the side effect is so massive that not only does the skin get affected but also the health of the user. Prolonged usage of such products can cause cancer and other debilitating ailments. Therefore, I would suggest that you stay away from them.

Anti aging natural products on the other hand are very safe as they do not have any side effects and they are extremely effective as well. These kinds of products, if used for a long period of time, can show amazing results. They not only make the skin look beautiful but also protect the skin from pollution and radiation.

The anti aging cream that I use contains natural ingredients such as Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10, Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame. These ingredients helps in promoting new cell growth, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, makes the skin more elastic and helps to keep the skin soft and supple.

These kinds of anti aging natural products are readily available in the market just like any other natural product. I would suggest that you check the label of the products before you buy any, because not all the natural products are good, also check for the proportion these ingredients are used in. the higher the concentration, the better is the product.