All Natural Products - Should We Use Them?

 Practical or Not?

The environment is a hot topic these days. You see and hear the 'Green" word on television, radio,  and news papers, it's everywhere. When you actually stop to think about it, using all natural products makes sense. Why not, if it benefits us and the environment, sure I would use them. But the key issue is whether or not it's practical.

When you shop, what are the most important factors in your buying decision? Two things come to mind; time and cost. First, which store is the most convenient that supplies the products you want. And second, among the product choices, which one has the best price based on quality.

The answer is obvious; most of the products available to us in a convenient location are not all-natural or earth friendly. Additionally, when all-natural products are available the cost  can be higher. However, the availability of these products has improved a great deal and the internet provides a convenient method by which we can shop. As long as demand increases, we can all look forward to more all-natural choices at a lower cost.

What's the Benefit?

Health and the environment.

It's pretty simple to see that one effects the other. If we choose organic food, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, then we are decreasing the poisons we ingest and provide ourselves a healthier diet. This allows our bodies to fight off decease more readily.

If we choose products that are earth friendly and decrease our demand for products which harm our environment. Gradually, we will decrease the pollutants in the atmosphere, the ground, and the water. So, as our environmental conditions improve,  then it follows that our health will benefit as well.

To Summarize:

Today, it may not be completely practical to use all-natural products, however, with an increased public awareness leading to an increasing demand, we will see greater varieties at a lower cost.   Additionally, with the growth of internet shopping, these products will become more convenient to purchase. If we buy and use products which are not harmful to ourselves and the environment, then our generation and future generations will benefit from a cleaner environment.