Most Effective Natural Product to Lower Cholesterol

Sifting through all the information to find the most effective natural product to lower cholesterol can be a daunting task. After all how do you separate the pretenders for real thing in a world where fancy marketing often times rules the day? Even some experts occasionally struggle to find honest answers!

Part of the confusion is lies in the fact that the most effective natural product to lower cholesterol is only as good as the environment in which it is placed. For instance if you consume over 40 grams of saturated fat daily you will be disappointed in your results. On the other hand natural products may moderate the damage until you can get over your chicken fried steak and gravy craving.

Any honest natural health advocate would have to admit that natural remedies work there best when a full spectrum approach is the focal point of whatever goal you are trying to achieve. Full spectrum means taking into account a person's mental and physical strengths and limitations to provide a comprehensive plan for overall health. In other words working with your body and mind to produce optimal results.

This is in sharp contrast to the conventional prescription medication approach of using a sledge hammer to force the intended results. Never has this been more apparent than in area of high cholesterol where Statin medications interfere with the body's production of the coenzyme COQ10, often knocking it down over 40 percent. The end result in many cases is severe muscle pain and/or tendon damage.

There are three basic types of natural cholesterol remedies all of which work well in most instances making it difficult to pick which one is the most effective natural product to lower cholesterol. The three areas are herbal, blended (herbs, foods, vitamins, and minerals), and non herbal.

*Herbal remedies: Many of the pure herbal formula contain red yeast rice which has been used in China for centuries for general health and digestion. It is perhaps the most effective herbal ingredient with research studies as recent as 2010 supporting its ability to raise good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol.

*Blended: These product often contain niacin, guggul gum extract, cayenne, and garlic. They can be very effective and offer many additional health benefits thus staying true to the full spectrum approach.

*Non herbal: These are newer entrants to the natural cholesterol reduction market and often contain plant stanols or sterols along with healthful oils such as lecithin oil and pumpkin seed oil. They are very safe and typically less prone to interact with prescription medications.

All of the choices above have their strengths and weaknesses, but for the most part they are all considered to be safe and effective alternatives which can be used both as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other non prescription alternatives. Nevertheless, determining which type is the most effective natural product to lower cholesterol is a question best answered between you and your doctor.