Natural Products to Lower Cholesterol - What Really Works?

There are several different approaches you can take to lowering cholesterol levels, but using natural products to lower cholesterol is one of the best. If you rely on your doctor for information about how to control cholesterol levels, he will undoubtedly point you toward meditation. However, due to the many concerns surrounding the side effects of cholesterol medication, it is best to leave it as a last resort.

The most effective way to bring down your cholesterol levels is to combine some dietary changes with one of the cholesterol lowering supplements that is on the market today. You will need to educate yourself on these products first, however. Although there are many effective products, there are even more that will have little impact on your lipid levels.

When shopping for natural products to lower cholesterol, be sure the product you are considering contains high enough levels of plant sterols to make an impact. Many products available on the market today include plant sterols, but they are in such minute amounts that they will not provide any benefit.

Plant sterols are one of the few natural treatments for cholesterol that are accepted by the natural medicine community as well as the traditional medicine community. Even the FDA is in agreement that plant sterols lower cholesterol. Any cholesterol lowering supplements that does not include plant sterols is probably trying to cut corners.

The reason sterols are so effective is due to the fact that they are very similar in make up as cholesterol, and compete with cholesterol for absorption into the body. Look for plant sterols in amounts in excess of 200 mg as you read ingredient levels.

There are many other natural ingredients that help lower cholesterol that you will want to be aware of as you shop for these natural products to lower cholesterol. Visit my website where I have an in depth discussion of foods, diets and other natural means to lower cholesterol.